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Shotblasting is often used to remove dirt, grease, rust or previous coating from metal. It is an effective method of stripping steel parts to the bare metal.


It is the perfect preparatory operation for achieving the best surface adhesion for whatever new coating you intend to apply.


Shotblasting is a process in which an abrasive material is forced through a jet nozzle using compressed air pressure.

We shotblast old steel gates, machinery, furniture, trailers, tractors, bikes, wheels, etc.

Sand blasting the surface of your material prior to coating provides an excellent surface for the powder coating or painted finish to adhere to. It also increases the adhesion and durability of the finish.


Our Shotblasting process allows us to provide our customers with the best finish possible in the most cost efficient fashion.


Contact us for a quote on your next Shotblasting job and you will be pleasantly surprised at how competitively priced our state of the art equipment enables us to be.




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